K. K. Kostsyushko-Valyuzhinich and his reports for the Imperial Archaeological Commission
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Year 1899 ...

"...From the number of archaeological researches executed by the Imperial Archaeological Commission in 1899, most important results crowned the excavations in Tauric Chersonesos executed by the Commission's corresponding member K.K.Kostsyusko-Valyuzhinich.

Your Majesty's all-favourable attention to the native archaeology's needs and goals, that was expressed in 1898 as a donation of annual supplementary amount of ruble 2,000 to increase works in investigating Chersonesos, gave a possibility of getting deeper, down to bedrock, in future excavations, and resulted in this year discovery, along a considerable distance, of a fortress wall of three successive, built in different times courses, the lowermost of which belonged to the fifth or early fourth century B. C. and was a superior example of the building art of the Ancient Greeks; at one place of this wall, excellently-preserved ancient city gate of a very interesting construction has been found, and at the very wall - burial vault that was certainly constructed when building the wall and contained, among other pieces of funeral furniture, highly artistic and most precious specimens of the Ancient Greek jewelry art.

Besides that, two annexed to the wall from the outside burial vaults of the first or second century A. D. that also gave very interesting finds have been discovered. At the inner (city) side, a small church and a few annexed to the wall residential rooms of the Byzantine age, with an interesting inscription about a building of a city wall under the emperor Theodosios I (A. D. 383-393) found in one of them, have been investigated".

From the Imperial Archaeological Commission's 1899 report. Published in Saint Petersburg, 1902.
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